Botox for Frown Wrinkles

The Frown wrinkles, also known as the glabella, is the area between your eyebrows. The action of frowning is made possible by two groups of muscles; the Corregators and the Procerus muscles. Both of these groups of muscles work together to pull the eyebrows downwards and inwards. When it comes to facial expression, frowning can mean many things. That said, most of the time when we have frown wrinkles, we are experiencing a negative emotion. In some people frowning becomes a bad habit – they do it all of the time despite the fact that they aren’t experiencing anything negative. It is these people that usually present to their Aesthetic Doctor in their late twenties complaining that they have the 11’s between their eyes. What they are referring to is the pattern of the frown wrinkles – they have two vertical lines between their eyebrows as a result of excessive frowning.

What are Frown Botox Treatments

Dr Wade offers Frown Wrinkles Treatments in Somerset West, Camps Bay and Green Point, Cape Town. Using Botox to block the signal from the nerve to the muscle, Dr Wade is able to soften the lines associated with frowning. Five points on the frown wrinkles are injected – this is usually sufficient to relax the frown wrinkles on most people. That said, there are some people that have stronger muscles in this area – these people may require follow up in 2 weeks to re-inject the lines with more Botox, although these clients are few and far between.

What if I can still move my frown after the treatment?

Having some movement after a Botox treatment is normal – remember, we want natural results and frozen faces don’t look natural at all! That said, the rule of thumb is that is you are able to move the muscle to the point at which you create a fold or wrinkle in the skin, then you will require an additional dose of Botox. Aesthetic Medicine is both an art and a science – so estimating doses with different faces is difficult. The safest way of dealing with this problem is to inject all clients with the same dose initially and then ask them to follow in 2 weeks should they require more Botox. Frown Wrinkles are a great area to treat for first time Botox users as Frown Botox doesn’t drastically alter a persons appearance.

Botox in Somerset West - Before and After

How long will the effect last?

Within days of the treatment you should start to see an improvement in your frown wrinkles. The results can last up to 4 months, but it is necessary to bear in mind that this might vary from patient to patient. With repeated treatments, the result can last longer, so it is advised to repeat your Botox treatment every 3 to 4 months.


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