Slender Wonder (Medical Weight Loss)


Our Slender Wonder medical weight loss program is headed up by Dr Wade Merchant and his weight loss team. We have 2 weight loss clinics, one in Somerset West and one in Green Point (Cape Town).

Slender Wonder Launch in Somerset West.

Slender Wonder Launch in Somerset West.

Slender Wonder Launch in Green Point, Cape Town.

Slender Wonder Launch in Green Point, Cape Town.

What is the Cost? 

R2,650 for the 1st month (all inclusive)

R2,500 for each consecutive month (all inclusive) until goal weight has been reached

What does the cost include?

Our Slender Wonder start-up package includes (all inclusive);

  1. A medical examination and weight loss screening by Dr Wade Merchant
  2. A monthly weigh-in by one of our weight loss consultants (2 weeks after doctor’s appointment)
  3. HCG injections for 28 days (including needles)
  4. 2 booster injections
  5. Daily shakes
  6. Daily supplements
  7. Eating plans
  8. Eating guides (for when you are at a restaurant or away from home)
  9. Information booklet
  10. An aftercare (maintenance) program

Who is Dr Wade? 

Dr Wade is a qualified medical doctor with a special interest in weight loss medicine. He has 2 weight loss clinics, one in Somerset West and one in Cape Town. He is accredited Medical Weight Loss / Slender Wonder Doctor.

Dr Wade Merchant

Dr Wade Merchant

How long must I do it for?

The duration of our program is one month.  While most people do it for 1-3 months, individuals with bigger weight loss goals can do it for up to 8 months.

I am not sure what my goal weight should be?

Dr Wade will do the necessary measurements to ensure that we set a realistic and healthy goal weight.  The aim is to get you to your natural goal weight so that we also reduce many of the health risks involved.

I only want to lose 2-4 kg’s, is this program suitable for me?

Absolutely!  Many of our patients are struggling with just that last bit of stubborn fat.

I want to lose 50 kg’s, is that possible?

Yes, it is! We have seen people lose over 50 kg’s whilst on the Slender Wonder program.

How much can I expect to lose?

Most people lose between 4 – 7 kg’s per month.

I have done Slender Wonder before, can I do it again?

Yes, you can.  If you have picked up weight again, you can lose it again with Slender Wonder.

What is Slender Wonder? 

Slender Wonder  is a medical weight loss programme based on a low GI eating plan, Slender Wonder products (shake and supplements), as well as a series of injections that helps to improve the body’s Leptin sensitivity. Depending on the patient’s starting weight, results have shown that most individuals lose up to 4 – 7 kg’s in the first month. (Results may vary & are patient specific). Once you reach the maintenance phase, your Leptin sensitivity will have been restored and this will help you to maintain your new weight provided you continue to follow a healthy lifestyle.

Slender Wonder

Sounds interesting?

Contact us today if you would like to know more about Slender Wonder in Somerset West and Green Point, Cape Town.

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