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Natural Aesthetics is a medical practice offering a range of anti-aging, medical weight loss, skin care and non-surgical aesthetic procedures.


Over the years, we’ve received a lot of positive feedback from our patients on how this 30 minute appointment has boosted their confidence and the quality of their skin.  The results of Botox takes about 3-10 days to fully kick in. The aim with all our treatments is to give our patients a subtle tweak to enhance their existing beauty and to restore their skin, while always achieving a natural looking result.

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Dermal Fillers:

Dermal Fillers are made out of hyaluronic acid, a natural occurring substance that is found in our skin. It’s a gel-like substance that is safely injected underneath the skin to enhance facial features and/or to restore loss of volume due to aging.

We treat a wide range of areas: Lips, Cheeks, Temples, Jawline, Jowls, Under Eye Volume Loss etc. We even do full facial volume restoration treatments (by using Dermal Fillers), which have become very popular across the world.

Most patients just want a subtle softness and to restore their loss of volume due to aging. We use the safest and most scientifically advanced Dermal Fillers available internationally. Dr Wade is also one of only 6 Doctors in South Africa qualified to also train other doctors to safely and effectively inject Dermal Fillers via Galderma (the company that distributes a top international Dermal Filler brand).

Here are some of Dr Wade’s Dermal Filler results:

Cheek Lift: 31-year old patient had Cheek Fillers. Her newly shaped cheeks gave her a subtle lift, reducing her naso-labial and marionette lines. The goal should always be a natural-looking result.

The difference of a subtle lip enhancement. Done with Lip Fillers. The Lips are completely numbed for a comfortable experience.

A non-surgical filler treatment to enhance this patients features, 2ml chin enhancement and a 2ml cheek volume restoration (1ml per side of face). Done in under an hour, no downtime and immediate results.

We had a great time treating this patient’s tear through lines, under eye volume “bags”, dark circles and under eye volume loss. I used a fantastic filler from Galderma that is specially designed to treat the tear through area. In total, 1ml of filler was used. That said, please note that in more severe cases, 2ml of fillers might be required.

Sagging cheeks lifted, naso-labial folds and marionette lines greatly improved, whilst also drastically transforming the jowl area into a smooth jawline. This procedure takes about 20-30 minutes and is done with 2ml of dermal fillers (a minimum of 2-3ml is required for a proper cheek lift). Also notice that this patient experienced no bruising or swelling. The results are instant and will continue to improve over the next couple of weeks, best results are seen a month post treatment. The aim is a soften more volumised result!

By injecting 1ml of Lip Fillers, we redefined this patient’s almost non-existent cupids bow and highlighted her lip’s border. We then lifted the corners of her mouth and added much needed volume to her lower lip. Above all, the end result should always be soft, subtle and natural-looking.

Patient in her 60’s – we treated her overall volume loss, sagging skin, skin folds and texture problems. We gave her a Cheek Enhancement by using dermal fillers that resulted in her having an overall younger and rejuvenated appearance. Her cheeks are now lifted and full of volume and her skin creases and jowls also drastically improved. She had a very “thinned out appearance” and now look much more healthier and refreshed.

Advanced Restore (Face, Neck & Chest) 

The Advanced Restore Treatment is specifically designed to treat the first signs of aging – sun damage, fine lines and the top layer of pigmentation. The treatment includes: Microdermabrasion (face, neck & chest) + a Neostrata Retinol Peel (Face, Neck & Chest) ) as well as an at home Dr Dermal Sheet Mask. It is one of our most popular treatments for runners, outdoors enthusiasts and for patients who struggle with pigmentation, sun damaged skin as well as to boost the skin’s overall health – great for 2 weeks before a big event for skin perfection! It’s a remarkable treatment as we treat 3 areas at once, the Face, Neck & Chest.

Before and 2 weeks after only ONE Advanced Restore Treatment. No filter, no change in lighting, pictures captured in the same room with the same camera from the same angle. Sun damage, skin texture and fine lines greatly improved as well as the overall health and appearance of the skin.

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Dermapen 4 (Medical Micro-needling): 

Our bespoke Dermapen Treatments are definitely our number 1 skin care / anti-aging skin treatment. We are one of the top Medical Dermapen Treatment Centres in SOUTH AFRICA.

  • The Dermapen is an award winning micro-needling device.
  • We use the Dermapen 4 to create safe pathways to deliver quality anti-aging serums deep into the skin.
  • We micro-injure the skin, known in medicine as a ”controlled injury”. The body then uses its own natural healing powers (PRP, stem cells and growth factors) to heal the treated area.
  • New collagen and elastin are now being produced by the body; tightening the skin and healing scars, fine lines and literally keeping the skin young and full of volume.
  • Because the Dermapen creates safe pathways for product delivery, we can also treat deeper layers of pigmentation, acne scarring, melasma and sun damaged skin by using the correct medical grade serum(s) to treat these conditions.

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Our Team: 

The Natural Aesthetics Team: Antoinette Rudolph (Medical Aesthetician), Whitney Labuschagne (Front Desk & Operations Coordinator), Dr Wade Merchant (Injector & Medical Doctor), Marieka Brits (Medical Aesthetician), Amber Krog (Medical Aesthetician) & Clarissa Estherhuizen (Medical Aesthetician).

Our Practices:

Our Somerset West Practice – a discreet venue with free visitors parking in the heart of the Paardevlei Complex – opposite the Cheetah Sanctuary.

Our Green Point Practice – a quiet and discreet venue in Green Point with ample free public parking. We are opposite the Virgin Active Point on the corner of Clyde and 173 Main Road.


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Should you wish to speak to someone instead, please call us on 021 433 0967.

Our clinics are in Green Point (Cape Town) and in Paardevlei (Somerset West).


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