Although there are no published statistics when in comes to the use of Botox in Cape Town, one can speculate that we have one of the highest rates of usage in the country. Not only is Cape Town a vibrant and cosmopolitan city, but it also tends to be slightly more liberal than the rest of the country when it comes to aesthetic treatments. For the vast majority of people that use Botox in Cape Town, their use of it is no secret to their friends and family. This stance in Cape Town contrasts the common scenario in the rest of the country whereby Botox injections are frowned (pun?) upon by society at large. The rest of the country has no problem getting Botox – the only difference is that unlike Cape Town residents, they keep it a secret.


Botox in Cape Town - Before and After

Botox in Cape Town: Frown


Botox in Cape Town – Look for natural results.


There are many reason as to why clients keep their Botox treatments a secret. I have found that even some people using Botox in Cape Town keep their visit to my office a secret. That said, the number one reason why they do this is because they are worried about what other people might think. Society has a skewed view of Botox treatments – the media, celebrities and people that walk around looking like plastic all give them the idea that Botox isn’t something that a normal person does. The problem here is that all of the people that you see on the street that look like they have had Botox, have in fact had a poorly executed treatment. The people walking around with natural results are the ones that you would never even suspect have had a Botox treatment. This skews the public’s judgement. Getting Botox in Cape Town doesn’t have to mean that you end up looking frozen!


Botox in Cape Town - Natural Results

Botox is typically used in the upper third of the face.


One thing you need to keep in mind when deciding whether or not to get Botox in Cape Town is to look at what your Doctor stands for. If your Doctor is still pushing the plastic and fake look out of their offices, then, they may not be the right choice for you.

When you visit the Doctor that you have chosen make sure that you have a mental list of all the questions you would like to ask them. It is important that when getting Botox in Cape Town you make sure that you understand everything and that you feel comfortable. If you are worried about looking different after you have received your Botox in Cape Town then ask your Doctor if they can give you a test dose – so that you can see how it feels. A great place to get a test dose is in the frown – if after a week you are happy with the result you can always go back to your Doctor for more Botox in Cape Town.

– Dr Wade



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