Botox Injection Sites

Botox injection sites are found in the frown, on the forehead and around the eyes. When these sites are injected, the muscles are relaxed and the overlying wrinkles are treated. Different muscles have different functions – so one must be aware that if you relax a muscle too much, it will lose its function and the resulting look will be unnatural. That is why the current trend in Aesthetic Medicine is too inject less Botox and create natural results. You can always visit your Doctor for a top-up, but if you have had too much Botox, you would have to wait 4 months for the effect to wear off.

Botox Injection Sites

Men have finally caught on to the benefits of Botox!

Having a standard set of Botox injection sites is important for any practitioner – it allows your doctor to treat 99% of the population effectively. That said, some people are born with muscles that are either bigger or in a slightly different place than those found in the text books. Thus, for Botox, each client should be thoroughly assessed to ensure that the placement of the Botox injection sites is correct for them. This ensures that the best results are achieved.

The following are a general guide as to where your doctor may place your Botox injection sites:

Botox Injection Sites

Frown: 5 injections spread across the frown to relax the procures and corregator muscles.


Botox Injection Sites

Botox Eye Wrinkles: 3 sets of injections for both sides – to treat the obicularis oris muscle.


Botox Injection Sites

Botox Forehead: 5 Injection sites into the frontalis muscle.

Botox injections are typically pretty pain-less. That said, if you are at all worried ask your doctor for a numbing cream to be applied prior to the treatment.


– Dr Wade



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