Botox Injections

Some people tell me that they are afraid of needles and that they are scared of getting Botox injections because of this. Yes, some needles can be scary, but Botox injections definitely are not those!

Botox is injected using a very small needle – it is only 8mm long. It is also extremely fine and thin. These two facts make Botox injections the least scary injections out there. What we actually use is an insulin syringe. Diabetics that require insulin to keep their blood sugar normal use insulin syringes sometimes 3 times a day. Now you can imagine that if they are using it 3 times a day without fail, these Botox injections are most likely pretty painless.

Botox injections

Insulin Syringes – for painless injections.

The choice of the syringe and needle are very important when it comes to painless Botox injections – but even more important is the injectors technique. Having a steady hand and injecting the Botox slowly ensures that the injections remain painless. Avoiding blood vessels and veins when injecting is also important as busing and swelling can make create pain in the client. As much as technique is important, feeling comfortable with your doctor releases endorphins which are the bodies natural pain-killers – so choose a doctor that you feel comfortable with!

– Dr Wade


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