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Botox & Dysport 

R75 per unit 

Dr Wade will determine the amount of units required. The below prices are rough estimates of what we typically charge per treatment. 

Forehead – between R1200 to R1500
Eye Wrinkles (Crows Feet) – between R1200 to R1800
Frown – between R1500 to R2200 
Neck Wrinkles – between R1,500 to R2,300
Frown & Brow Lift – between R1900 to R2600
Mouth Wrinkles – R750
Gummy Smile – R750 
Bunny Lines – R750 

*Botox for underarm hyperhidrosis, bruxism, teeth clenching, migraines and facial shaping are also available at our practice.  

Dermal Fillers

Price per 1ml syringe

Cheek Volume – R3500 
Lip Enhancement  – R3500
Under Eye Volume – R3500
Nose Reshaping – R3500
Naso-labial lines  – R3500
Forehead Lines – R3500
Chin Enhancement  – R3500
Smoker lines – R3500

*Filler Face Lifts are between R12, 000 – R20,000. For an exact cost an in-person consultation with Dr Wade would be required. 

Restylane Skinboosters

Price per 1ml Syringe – R3000
Price per 2ml Syringe – R5,000 

Vital Injector

Price per treatment – R3,000

Non Surgical Thread-Lift – Silhouette Soft Threads

Perfect for sagging jawline, regeneration of cheeks and neckline

1 Thread per side (2 threads in total) – R7,000 
2 Threads per side (4 threads in total) – R10,000 
3 Threads per side (6 threads in total) – R14,000 


An injectable mesotherapy medicine to improve under eye crepiness and skin texture. 3 Treatments are necessary for optimal results.

Under Eye area only – R1,500

Full Face – R3,000

Chemical Peels 

Quality medical grade chemical peels for proven results. 

Skin tech TCA 15%  – R1,500
Maintenance (Glycolic) Peel – R700 
Pigment (Salicylic) Peel – R700
Acne Peel (Salicylic) Peel- R700
Retinol (Reti-store) Peel – R1,000

Medical Dermapen 

Your skin is targeted with one or a combination of our Mesoestetic Serums. These medical serums are included in the price.

Depigmentation Dermapen – R1,300
Acne Dermapen – R1,300
Skin Tightening Dermapen – R1,300 
Anti-Aging Dermapen – R1,300 

*Please take note that prices are charged per area treated: 

Face (R1,300), Face & Neck (R1,450), Face, Neck & Chest (R1,750) 

3-Step #SmartSkin Facial 

Dermaplaning + Soundwave + Alginate Mask + Ion Machine – R1,300 

*For the month of July 2018, this treatment is on special for only R1,000 

Facial Treatments 

Dermaplaning + Alginate Mask – R950 
Dermaplaning + Chemical Peel – R1,300
Dermapen + Alginate Mask – R1,500

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Treatments 

PRP Mesotherapy  – R2,500 
PRP Micro-needling / Dermapen (Vampire Facial) – (Face only) – R2,500
PRP Micro-needling (Vampire Facial) – (Face, neck & chest) – R3,000
PRP Hair Restoration – R2,500 

BTL Exilis Elite (Radiofrequency) 

Body sculpting & skin tightening  

Jawline (jowls) & Neck – R1,200 per treatment  
Double Chin  – R1,000 per treatment 
Stomach (Incl. love handles) – R1,500 per treatment 
Inner Thigh – R1,200 per treatment 
Outer Thigh  – R1,200 per treatment 
Buttocks – R1,500 per treatment 
Under Arm Fat / Lose Skin – R1,200 per treatment 
Bra Fat – R1,200 per treatment 
Gynaecomastia (“Man Boobs”) – R1,200 per treatmen

A pre-consultation (free of charge) is required with one of our trained BTL Therapists. Results vary and the amount of treatments required will vary per individual. Typically, 6 – 8 treatments are required to see good results. 

BTL Facial Treatments are also available at our practice. 

Slender Wonder (Medical Weight Loss) 

R2,800 (month 1)
R2,350 (month 2)

Includes: 28 x HCG (in month 1) and 2 x Booster injections (indulging needles), daily shakes and supplements, medical screening and monthly weigh-in. 

R2750 (month 3)

If products/HCG is taken individually (and not as a package), you must pay a consultation fee of R500 for seeing the Doctor. 

Consultation with Dr Wade

Charged only when no treatments are performed at your consultation 



To book an appointment with either Dr Wade or one of Skincare Therapist, email or call: 

bookings@naturalcape.com OR 021 433 0967

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