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The most common question that patients ask Aesthetic Doctors is whether or not they will look like they have had Botox after having had their Botox treatment. What a strange question to ask! Of course you will look like you have had Botox – you will look fantastically refreshed and rejuvenated!

In all seriousness, Botox has been given a terrible name over the past few years. There was a trend where doctors injected too much Botox in the incorrect places – and this resulted in the weird and unnatural (alien) look that the general public mistake with Botox injections. One example that I like to tell my patients is to think about the fashion industry. A beautiful woman can become even more beautiful when she wears an outfit that suits her figure. On the other hand, if she were to wear an ill-fitting dress, she would feel less confident and by extension less beautiful. In the same way that a dress can either enhance or detract from natural beauty, Botox has the same effect on facial beauty. When injected incorrectly or in excessive amounts, an already beautiful woman can look strange and unnatural. But when done correctly, Botox only enhances natural beauty!

Botox Somerset West Cape Town

Sharon Osbourne – Too much Botox.

The number one reason why patients look strange after Botox injections is related to their eyebrows. Eyebrows are an extremely important feature on our faces. They help us to communicate with the world in a non-verbal manner – and according to scientists most of our communication is non-verbal. With this in mind you can understand how important the eyebrows are. If too much Botox is injected, the eyebrows will drop and they will have very little movement. In this type of situation the patient is unable to show the facial expressions of surprise, worry or concern. When we interact with other people we rely on these subtle expressions to effectively communicate our already spoken words. If your friend cannot move their eyebrows and forehead they will look strange and you will suspect that they have had Botox. The truth of the matter is that they haven’t just had a normal amount of Botox – they have had too much Botox injected.

Botox Somerset West Cape Town

Kylie Minogue – she has had far too much Botox in her forehead. This has created a frozen and plastic appearance. Her right eyebrow is also higher than the left – this often happens when over-treating the forehead.

Botox Somerset West Cape Town


In my practice I have 3 steps to injecting Botox for natural results:

  1. Only small amounts of Botox are injected in the Forehead. Too much results in the frozen, fake and plastic look. I want people to show expression while still looking refreshed and rejuvenated.
  2. Frown Botox – small amounts in this area reduce the lines between the eyes. It has also been shown that people who frown less are happier!
  3. Eye Botox (Crows feet) – Small amounts of Botox are injected to soften the lines around the eyes. Patients will still be able to move these muscles – this is to ensure that when they smile they also smile with their eyes.
Botox Somerset West Cape Town

Correct frown injection.

Botox Somerset West Cape Town

Natural results for eyes.

Botox Somerset West Cape Town

Before and After Frown Treatment

I have generally found that when I follow these 3 steps my patients end up with natural results. The kind of results that don’t make people ask “Have you had Botox?”.

Botox is just one of the many tools in my aesthetic tool box – and when we only use one tool, we neglect the others. That is why it is so important to combine Botox with other treatments like Fillers, Peels and Micro-needling. The most natural results happen when we do this.


Botox Somerset West Cape Town – Frozen faces are a thing of the past!

– Dr Wade


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