Acne Scars

Acne Scars were once a doctors nightmare – but these days, they can be easily treated.  Acne a skin condition whereby the pores in the skin becomes blocked or clogged. The material blocking them is normally dead skin cells or sebum (a type of oil produced by each individual hair).  Interestingly enough, certain medications and creams can actually make acne worse! Most acne sufferers are teenagers – this is as they are going through hormonal changes as a result of puberty. The increase in hormones increases the skins oil production and the pores become blocked. Once the pore is blocked, it becomes irritated and it swells. Swelling can either take the form of a blackhead or a puss filled whitehead. Adults can also suffer from acne – this is known as Adult-type acne.

acne scars

Black heads as seen on the nose.


acne scars

Whitehead pimple as seen on the cheek.

Mild to moderate acne generally only has blackheads and whiteheads and it generally doesn’t form scars – unless the acne is scratched, pressed or picked at by the person. So as a general rule, don’t ever pop acne pimples – you can form scars. That said, when acne is very bad it is called sever acne – and it is this form that can very easily form scars.

acne scars

Severe acne has pimples which are large and sore to touch.

Acne scars form as any scars in our bodies do – as a result of trauma to the skin.  When the skin is broken or you get a cut the body quickly begins to heal itself by forming a scar in that area. When skin is broken and there is infection (like acne) there is a bad type of scarring that occurs – this is the reason for the deep acne scars.

acne scars

Deep acne scars on the cheeks.

In our next blog post we will talk about the treatment options for acne scars.

– Dr Wade



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Skin Cream – Retinol Products


Retinol is derived from Vitamin A and has been used on the skin since the 1960’s. Initially it was used in the treatment of acne, but doctors soon found that their acne patients’ wrinkles were disappearing. This led the medical community to study whether or not retinol skin cream could help to treat wrinkles.

Not only did they find that the skin cream successfully treated wrinkles, but they also found that it helped with exfoliation and minor discolorations.

In South Africa we have two main types of retinol skin cream –

Retin-A skin cream made by Janssen Pharmaceuticals and Retacnyl skin cream made by Galderma. There are various concentrations in both brands – the two main types are 0.025% and 0.05%. If you have a sensitive skin type I would suggest going for the 0.025%  skin cream first and then work your way up to the 0.05% skin cream. They are also found in either a gel or cream form. For most patients I would suggest getting the cream form as it has less of a chance of drying out your skin. If a product drys or irritates your skin you will be less likely to use it!

Retinol Skin Cream

Retinol Skin Cream

Retinol Skin Cream

Retin A

 The Retin-A brand is sold in a 20 gram tube whereas the Retacnyl brand is sold in a 30 gram tube – which is more convenient as you have to make less visits to the pharmacy.

Each skin cream tube lasts around 6 to 8 weeks – only a small amount of the substance is used. Initially I tell clients to use it only 3 times a week at night. Application involves using a small pea sized amount of skin cream on the forehead, each cheek and each side of the neck. Gently rub the skin cream to cover the whole face. Your night serum or moisturizer can then be applied over this. If your skin becomes irritated then step down to twice a week – but if this doesn’t occur you can step up treatment to as many days a week that you like.

Results take a few weeks to kick in – and treatment can be continued for life unless you fall pregnant – Retinol based skin creams cannot be used in pregnancy.

All of these products require a doctors prescription in order to purchase them. You will find that many over the counter anti-wrinkle skin creams have retinol in them. The reason you don’t need a prescription for those is that the concentration is much less – they may sometimes work but it will usually be an expensive and lengthy process.

Here is a great video explaining exactly how to use these skin creams:


– Dr Wade

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