Cheek Fillers Somerset West


Dr Wade performs the Cheek Fillers Somerset West treatment in Green Point, Camps Bay and Somerset West.

Cheek Fillers are our most popular filler treatment.

“When you fill in the cheeks, everything is pulled up. You diminish the nasolabial folds, decrease the downturn of the mouth, and reduce the hollow of the eye, all without touching any of those areas.”

– New York Dermatologist Patricia Wexler


Cheek Fillers Somerset West

Cheek Fillers Somerset West

Cheek Fillers Somerset West

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Cheek Fillers turn back the clock on facial aging.


As we age we lose volume in our cheeks and our faces start to sag – this sagging creates a hollow below our eye, a diagonal line next to our nose and a vertical line below the corner of our mouths. Cheek Fillers Somerset West treatments use only FDA or CE approved fillers.

By replacing this volume with a naturally occurring reabsorable filler called Hyaluronic Acid, we restore volume and the lines that represent an aged face are reduced.

This American Doctor demonstrates his method of injection – notice just how relaxed his client is and how there is no pain involved. Client comfort should always come first when fillers are injected.

Also notice the natural result that this client gets – restoring youth to a face doesn’t mean changing what you look like. It simply means returning your face to what it once was.

Dr Merchant loves restoring youth to faces – his aim is to create a natural look that will leave you feeling youthful and refreshed. See what Cheek Fillers Somerset West can do for you!




Contact us today if you would like to know more about Cheek Fillers Somerset West or if you would like to schedule a consultation to discuss the various aesthetic treatments we offer. Dr Wade practices in Green Point, Camps Bay and Somerset West, Cape Town. Cheek Fillers Somerset West – rejuvenate and restore today!

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