Dermal Fillers – Cape Town & Somerset West

By Dr Wade Merchant

What are Dermal Fillers?

Dermal Fillers are made out of hyaluronic acid, a natural occurring substance that is found in our skin. It’s a gel-like substance that is safely injected underneath the skin to enhance facial features and/or to restore loss of volume due to aging.

What do we use Fillers for?

  • To restore volume loss (due to aging)
  • To correct certain features (nose reshaping, under eye fillers, naso-labial folds, marionette lines etc.)
  • To enhance facial features (cheeks, lips, chin)
  • To treat uneven skin texture (due to aging, skin folds, acne scarring etc.)


Example of Nose Reshaping with Dermal Fillers: 

Nose Reshaping done with dermal fillers. Caution: This is a high risk area to inject, this treatment should only be performed by an experienced doctor / injector. The focus was to ‘build’ a nose bridge and to give him a more prominent look and to ensure that it brings harmony to the rest of his facial features.


Example of a Chin Enhancement by Dr Wade:

Chin enhancement to correct underdeveloped chin and straighten out the jowls.

Example of Cheek Fillers by Dr Wade: 

R E S U L T S: 🔸Under eye area (tear trough) corrected. 🔸Dark circles reduced. 🔸Jawline / Jowls improved. 🔸Lines around mouth reduced. 🔸Cheek volume restored. 🔸Sagging cheeks lifted. Natural-looking, soft and a beautiful restoration without looking like she had anything ‘done’. No surgery, no downtime and immediate results.


Cheek enhancement and under eye volume loss restored with Dermal Fillers


Soft l and natural-looking new cheeks, lifting the whole face and adding beautiful volume.


Subtle enhancement to maintain this patient’s volume. This is purely done for anti-aging purposes. To maintain the volume in her cheeks. Higher “cheek bones” and a soft and natural-looking result.


Example of Lip Fillers by Dr Wade: 

As always, the result should be natural-looking. The upper lip is now slightly raised and the lip borders have been beautifully defined. The lower lip volume has been restored and are now in proportion with the rest of her features.


The remarkable difference of a lip enhancement. For men (especially men with beards), it’s extremely important to create a natural looking result. My aim with men is just to keep their natural shape, and add sufficient volume for a great result.


Beautiful new lips for this remarkable patient of mine.


Example of Under Eye Fillers by Dr Wade: 

Dermal Fillers used to restore under eye volume loss.


Natural-looking restoration of under eye volume loss. Treatment done in under 20 minutes. Immediate results and patients can resume most of their normal activities immediately post treatment. While it only takes 15-20 minutes to do the treatment itself, we always book out a full hour for any filler treatment. This is so that we have more than time to consult, educate and plan the treatment itself. These treatments should never be rushed and should always be done by a qualified and experienced medical doctor. I make use of only the safest and most effective international filler brands, that are most suited to the specific area being treated. A very common request at my practice is the restoration of tear troughs, eye bags or under eye volume loss. It’s really difficult to see the full effect on these before and after photo’s as we have to crop out most of the person’s face to protect their identity.


Example of Droopy Mouth Corners / Marionette Lines: 

Droopy mouth corners treated with dermal fillers. After an in depth consultation, the injections itself were done in under 5 minutes. 0.25ml per side (in total 0.5ml). The remainder of the syringe was used to treat her cheek area. No downtime, done in under 5 minutes and volume loss instantly restored.


What is the cost of Fillers?

  • Dermal Fillers are R3,900 per 1ml
  • We have a tiered pricing structure for patients who do 4ml’s or more in one sitting
  • For our full price list, click on the following link: Price List

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Natural Aesthetics team

The Natural Aesthetics Team of Skin Experts, with Dr Wade in the middle.


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