What are Under Eye Dermal Fillers?

Dermal Fillers are a gel-like substance that is safely injected just underneath skin.  Dermal Fillers are made out of hyaluronic acid, a natural occurring substance that is found in our skin.

What can we treat with Dermal Fillers. 

We use Dermal Fillers to treat the signs of aging and to enhance facial features.

What areas can we treat?

Under eyes (tear through), wrinkles, volume loss, lips, cheeks, temples, chin area, smoker lines, nasal-labial folds, marionette lines, acne scars, nose reshaping, forehead and frown lines.

What is the cost? 

R3,200 per treatment.

How long does it last? 

12 months.

Where can I get Under Eye Fillers? 

We have two practices, one in Somerset West and one in Green Point (Cape Town).

What are the results?

One of Dr Wade's patients. A male patient who has this done once a year to keep his natural look and restore his volume.

One of Dr Wade’s patients. A male patient who has this done on a yearly basis to keep his natural look.

Another patient of Dr Wade. Volume restored.

Another patient of Dr Wade. Volume wonderfully restored, while maintaining a natural look.


The “tired look” as most of our patients call it. It is amazing how this treatment can reconnect the patients’ outer appearance, to how they feel on the inside.

Most woman cover their deep hollows with makeup, it is not necessary. Volume loss can be treated with Dermal Fillers.

 Volume loss can be safely restored with Dermal Fillers.

Who is Dr Wade? 

Dr Wade Merchant is a medical doctor, with a special interest in anti-aging medicine. He is specially trained to inject Dermal Fillers. Dr Wade has two practices, one in Green Point (Cape Town) and one in Somerset West.

Slender Wonder

Dr Wade Merchant  


To book an appointment email us at bookings@naturalcape.com.

Should you wish to speak to someone instead, please call us on  087 135 3017.

Dr Wade has two practices, one in Green Point (Cape Town) and one in Somerset West.


Green Point (Cape Town) & Somerset West

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