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Micro-needling is the process whereby the skin is punctured with needles to a pre-determined depth, with the aim of stimulating the skins innate healing system. It can be used to rejuvenate the skin, help to treat fine lines and wrinkles, discolorations and even scarring.

Dermapen Somerset West Cape Town

Acne Scarring – Before and After

As the skin is needled, the body releases chemical signals that call on fibroblasts (the specialised skin cells that produce collagen – the substance that gives skin its youthful bounce) to gather in the needled area. They stimulate collagen production, and the result is skin rejuvenation.

Dermapen Somerset West Cape Town


There are two methods of skin needling – either by Derma-rollers or via the Dermapen. Derma-rollers can be performed by spa therapists and are relatively easy to operate. They are hand held rollers about ten centimeters in width with ten to twelve rows of needles. The device is rolled along the skin – the needles rotate around a wheel and then puncture the skin.

The Dermapen is the Gold Standard for micro-needling. It is a pen like device with 12 fine needles at its tip. When the pen is activated the needles are pushed in and out of the device at an adjustable speed and depth. Not only does this device have the benefit of using a variety of depths of needle puncture in a single treatment, but it also allows Dr Merchant to adjust the speed at which it punctures. An adjustable depth function is important as you would never want to needle the delicate skin around your eyes at the same depth at which you needle your cheeks – pain and swelling would result.

When scientists compared rollers to the Dermapen they found that when viewed under a microscope, the puncture holes of the Dermapen where much less traumatic than that of the rollers. This is because as the derma-roller needle rolls in and out it pulls with it a small chunk of skin – and you get more bleeding, bruising and discomfort. The Dermapen uses a direct puncture technique, with no rolling – therefore less bleeding and discomfort.

Dermapen Somerset West Cape Town

Dermapen Vs Dermaroller

With the Dermapen Dr Wade Merchant has the ability to directly target your problem areas with the comfort in knowing that he can adjust the treatment at any point to suit your specific needs.

Depending on your skin type, redness usually lasts one to two days – and can easily be covered up with make-up. Some people may also experience a light peel – much in the same way you peel when you get a sun burn (which is hopefully never if you follow Dr Merchant’s SPF advice!)


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Dermapen Somerset West Cape Town

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