Eye Fillers

Eye fillers are a treatment that can have an astounding affect on the way a person looks and feels. Many people walk around looking tired and sad –  most of the time this is as a result of the way their face looks. When we age we lose the fat in our cheeks and they begin to sag. The sagging cheeks then pull on the skin just below the eye, and a line forms – known as the tear trough line (named so as it makes you look sad). Before eye fillers came along, the only way to restore volume here was to inject fat that had been taken from somewhere else on your body. Now while a bit of liposuction and some facial rejuvenation are great, they require sedation and surgery – and with that comes downtime, pain, bruising and swelling. Since the arrival of under eye fillers, we have been able to offer clients an in and out service that is relatively painless and has little to no downtime.

Under Eye Fillers

Deep lines under the eyes can be treated with fillers.

The eye fillers procedure takes about an hour – most of that time is spent explaining the treatment and how it works as well as marking out the face to ensure that the correct areas are injected. The markings are made with a white eyeliner – so it easily comes off with a facial wipe – so no need to worry about walking around with lines on your face after your eye fillers treatment! If you are concerned about pain, a topical cream can be applied before the treatment to numb the area. As a general rule, mid face fillers aren’t sore! Below is a video of a doctor injecting eye fillers – it really is a great treatment!


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