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Forehead Botox treatments aim to reduce the amount of wrinkles found on your forehead. The forehead muscle is unique in the sense that it is the only muscle in the upper face that lifts the eyebrows. So, without its action, the eyebrows will be droopy. Therefore, when treating this muscle we need to be very careful so as not to over-treat the area as this would risk lowering the eyebrows, which can actually make you look older.

It is for this reason that Dr Wade has created a treatment system whereby the risk for droopy eyebrows is reduced. As we are all different, and our muscles are all different, there is no clear way of estimating how much forehead Botox will be required. Rather than over-estimating and creating an unnatural result, we place a set dose of Botox into the forehead and then review the results in 2 weeks. If there is inadequate relaxation we inject a micro-dose of forehead Botox in order to get the desired effect.

forehead botox

Botox Forehead: 5 Injection sites on the forehead.

Botox is FDA approved for frown and eye wrinkles. It has yet to be approved for the forehead – so we use it as an off-label medication. That is, it works to relax the forehead muscles, but it has yet to be approved by the FDA for that area. Clients must understand this fact – it is also the reason why we take a much more conservative approach to avoid any complications. That said, when done correctly, forehead botox works really well to reduce forehead lines and wrinkles.

– Dr Wade


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