The NewSkin Treatment is a medical grade face and neck treatment consisting of a Dermaplaning Treatment, an Easy Phytic Peel as well as an at home Dr Dermal Mask Pack. #NewSkin

NewSkin Face & Neck Special:

The NewSkin (Face & Neck) Treatment is a medical grade treatment that aims resurface the skin, improve product penetration, increase skin cell turnover and renew the skin from the inside out.

October Special: For the month of October only receive our NewSkin (Face & Neck) treatment + an at home Dr. Dermal Mask Pack for only R950 (all inclusive).

We administer the following protocol to provide our patients with scientifically proven healthy new skin.

  • Step 1: The treated area is cleansed
  • Step 2: Dermaplaning treatment (face only)
  • Step 3: Easy Phytic Peel (face & neck)
  • Step 4: Cellophane mask (face & neck)
  • Step 5: An at home Dr Dermal Mask is applied 24 hours post treatment

What is Dermaplaning?

As we age our skin develops dead skin cells, vellus hair and a build-up of impurities. Because of this, dark spots appear and the skin’s health deteriorates. Dermaplaning is a skin care treatment that removes the impurities, hair and dark spots found on the skin. An instant improvement in the texture and tone of your skin is visible. The long terms effects include an increase in cell turnover, an increase in product penetration, fewer fine lines and dark spots as well as the the removal of fine facial hair.

What is an Easy Phytic Peel?

An Easy Phytic Peel is a chemical peel treatment consisting of 4 active ingredients; each with a list of benefits. In short, the ingredients and benefits of this treatment are listed below:

  • Glycolic Acid – resurfaces the skin
  • Lactic Acid – increases hydration and improves moisture control
  • Phytic Acid – calms the skin and is a powerful anti-oxidant giving your skin new life
  • Mandelic Acid – dissolves lipids and treats acne

After we have applied the Easy Phytic Peel over the face and neck, the the treated area is covered with a cellophane mask to help these active ingredients to penetrate much deeper into the skin.

What is the Dr Dermal Mask Pack? 

The Dr Dermal Mask is applied at home, 24 hours post treatment. It’s a luxurious organic anti-aging sheet mask made of organic silk, saturated with an ultra hydrating emollient serum formulated to nourish, soothe and invigorate the skin. Ideal for post aesthetic treatments such as a chemical peel.


  • The aim of this treatment is to improve skin cell turnover. As we age our skin cell turnover slows down, resulting in aging skin.
  • As we age, we want the skin on our face to match the skin on our neck. With this treatment, we target both these areas.
  • Immediately post treatment, patients can expect a significant improvement in their skin quality and their skin will feel much smoother and softer than before.
  • The treatment also restores the skin’s health. A good quality treatment to renew and repair the skin to function at an optimal level.
  • For 5-7 days post treatment your at home skin care products will also penetrate much deeper than normal.

What’s the downtime?

There is no downtime, patients can resume normal activities immediately post treatment. However, we advise not to wear any makeup for at least 12 hours post treatment. Subtle flaking could be expected around 3 days post treatment, best to exfoliate during this time for an optimal result. #NewSkin in the making!

Special notes:

  • All of our Skincare Therapists are qualified. They are highly skilled and trained to perform chemical peels.
  • In addition to the above, our Therapists have received specialised training by SkinTech International as well as by Dr Wade Merchant to ensure a safe treatment and a professional experience.

October Special:

For the month of October only receive our NewSkin (Face & Neck) Treatment + an at home Dr. Dermal Mask Pack for only R950 (all inclusive).

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