Aesthetic medicine can treat facial aging from the level of the bone right up to the skin’s surface. Redermalization targets the skin itself to improve the quality of your skin. There are many treatment options in aesthetic medicine – this is just one of them. The only way to know if it is the best treatment for you is to visit Dr Wade so that he can see your face in person.

Three basic mechanisms of skin aging:

  1. Inhibition of metabolic processes within the skin – cellular respiration, ion transport, inhibition of energy production and proteins (collagen and elastin) synthesis, impaired micro-circulation.
  2. The accumulation of free radicals – uncontrolled synthesis of free radicals, the inefficiency of antioxidant systems, lipid per-oxidation and destruction of the cell genome leading to premature cell death.
  3. Impairment of the optimal water balance in the skin as a result of reduction in the amount of hyaluronic acid in the dermis and reduced ability of the skin to retain water.


What is Redermalization?

Redermalization is an innovative method for efficient aging prevention and skin restoration which affects all the tree main skin aging mechanisms
  1. Regulates biochemical and physiological processes in cells.
  2. Efficiently blocks free radicals.
  3. Prevents skin dehydration
Translated from Latin:
“Re” means “renovation”, “derma” — the basic layer of the skin, that is responsible for its youth. Thus,
Redermalization is restoration of health skin by restoring the dermis.

Redermalization for crows feet.


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