Silhouette Soft Lift

There are a lot of questions out there about the Silhouette Soft Thread Lift. The short answer: it is not a means of hair removal!

Silhouette Soft

The sutures have cones that facilitate lift.

Silhouette Soft Threading is the latest advancement in non-surgical face-lifts. Threading has been around for the last ten years. The problem was that the threads were not natural and were never reabsorbed by the body. Silhouette Soft Threads are totally reabsorbable, bio-compatible and biodegradable – which means that you get great natural results without the worry of having a synthetic substance in your face.

The actual threads last 18 months before they are naturally reabsorbed by the body. Before they are reabsorbed, the body is activated to form it’s own natural thread made of collagen fibers. So even though the threads are reabsorbed, the effect lasts much longer after 18 months as a result of this natural collagen stimulation.

Silhouette Soft Lift

The thread is specialised suture – not unlike the same one that you get when a doctor places dissolving stitches in a cut or wound. The specialised part is that there are a series of miniature cones and knots along the thread that give it the ability to hold and pull skin and tissue in a certain direction. Generally, on the face, the direction is upwards and backwards to restore what has been lost to gravity.

Before the treatment you would visit Dr Wade Merchant for a consultation to see where the threads would need to be placed. He will take photos of your face in certain positions so that he can study where the threads would best be placed. The threads would then be placed on your follow-up visit.

Silhouette Soft Lift

On arrival, Dr Merchant would ask you to wipe any excess make-up from your face. You will then sit on a comfortable bed where your face will be cleaned and then marked with a pen so that the correct lines of entry, exit and placement can be adhered to. At this point a small amount of local anaesthetic will be injected with a very small needle into the entry and exit points of the thread. Patients tolerate these injections very well and it is usually done in less than 30 seconds. This is the only “painful” part of the procedure. After these injections all you should feel is movement and pressure.

The threads are gently guided under your skin from entry to exit point with a long needle – none of which is painful as you have already had a local anaesthetic injection.

Once the threads are placed under your skin, they are gently pulled so that the cones on them are activated. These cones then support the tissue in its new position – giving you a natural and gentle lift. The treatment generally takes under 45 minutes.

Generally after the procedure you may feel some tightness and a little discomfort at the sites where the needle entered and exited. The discomfort usually wears off after 2 days – and Dr Merchant generally advises clients to get the procedure done on a Thursday or Friday – you can then go back to normal activities on Monday. That said, there have been some clients that go back to work the following day – everyone is different.

If you only have a mild degree facial sagging then one thread should be enough. If you have advanced sagging, two threads will be needed. Considering the cost of a surgical face-lift as well as the complications and downtime of surgery, this has become a great safe and affordable alternative.

 – Dr Wade


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