Why medical weight loss?

Weight gain and obesity are complex issues – it is not just about over-eating. Most of the time there is a complex network of reasons as to why someone becomes over-weight. reason can include:

  1. Genetics – everyone has a different genetic make-up. Some people are more prone to gaining weight than others, and some are also more prone to having difficulty in losing weight than others.
  2. Diet – this includes the amount of food (too much or too little), the type of food (maybe you are carbohydrate or fat sensitive) as well as the type of food (processed, organic or take-out foods).
  3.  Emotional state – depression and stress can make people gain weight. Also, a lack of sleep increase your cortisol levels, which in turn causes you to gain weight.
  4. Exercise – although not the focus of this program, exercise plays an important role in mental and heart health.
  5. Medical reasons – some conditions like an under-active thyroid can cause people to gain weight.
  6. Medications – certain medications like cortisone can cause weight gain.
  7. Hormones – menopause, male-menopause and poly-cystic ovaries all cause weight gain.

Why choose Dr Wade Merchant?

  1. Dr Wade is a medical doctor.
  2. He has a special interest in Weight Loss Medicine and has a certificate in “The clinical management of Metabolic syndrome”.
  3. He is an accredited Slender Wonder doctor.

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What is HCG?

HCG is the daily injection that is given to patients on the Slender Wonder program. It is found in very small quantities in all people – but increased levels have been found to help with the breakdown of fat and with the suppression of appetite and cravings. This injection needs to be used in conjunction with the diet plan and supplements as they all work together to bring about a positive change in a persons metabolism.

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