Launching our 3-Step #SmartSkin Medical Facial  

Did you know that only 1 – 4% of at home skin care products are absorbed by the skin? With our new medical device, we can improve the penetration up to 160 times the normal rate and renew skin cells at cellular level.

Step 1: Dermaplaning Facial

Removing the top layer of the skin, dead skin cells and vellus hair. The skin is now soft and smooth and ready for Step 2.

Step 2: Sound-wave treatment

After Dermaplaning the face, a medical grade serum is applied. We use sound-wave technology to open up the skin at cellular level, at this phase the skin can now penetrate up to 40% of the serum that we have applied. Please note that the pores don’t open up, we instruct the skin cells to move to allow for an opening (big difference).

Step 3: Alginate Mask applied and connected to our Ion Machine

A quality Alginate mask is poured over the skin and connected to our Ion Machine. Here we “push” the serum into the skin via an electrical current, improving the the penetration by another 4 times, equaling up to 160 times of product penetration.


So there you have it; a Dermaplaning treatment, a medical grade serum is penetrated deeply into the skin via our sound-wave device, we then apply another serum and penetrate it even deeper into the skin via our Ion Machine while the skin is covered with a quality Alginate Mask. Now that is what we call a Facial!

This treatment is designed to renew the skin cells at cellular level, to boost product penetration and to treat the top and deep layers of the skin. For 5-7 days post treatment, the skin will also absorb at home skincare products much better. The immediate result is a smooth and rejuvenated skin. However, the aim is to give a long-lasting anti-aging benefit to the skin with no down-time.

This is an advanced anti-aging and regenerative treatment that can also be done to treat problematic skin and slight pigmentation.

Important notes: 

  • This is a medical grade facial, with scientific research behind each step of the treatment.
  • If you have a normal facial, then you are just receiving a good “cleanse” and you are not receiving product penetration or any skin cell renewal.
  • This is comfortable and relaxing treatment – a first for us!
  • You can choose between one of three medical grade Mesoestetic serums.
  • For acne, a Glycolic Acid serum is applied.
  • For an anti-aging treatment or a general skin boost, a Retinol serum is applied.
  • For pigmentation, a Vitamin C serum is applied.
  • Imagine a good quality serum penetrating the skin at 160 times the normal rate.
  • Each Therapist received special training by Dr Wade Merchant to further ensure a quality and safe treatment.
  • For 5-7 days post treatment your at home skin care products will also penetrate much deeper than normal and you will actually get the benefits that you want from your skin care products. #SmartSkin

July Special: 

Launch Price: Receive our 3-Step #SmartSkin Facial for only R1,000 (normal price R1,300) for the month of July 2018 only. To book call 021 433 096 or email

Our Skincare Treatment Rooms:

Our Skincare Therapy room at our Green Point Practice.

Our Skincare Therapy room in Green Point.

Our Skincare Therapy room in Somerset West.

Our Skincare Therapy room in Somerset West.

Our Team: 

Medical- and science backed skincare treatments and products - NOT beauty therapy. The Natural Aesthetics Team .

 Science backed skincare treatments and products – NOT beauty therapy. The Natural Aesthetics Team .

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