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Botox Cape Town: Dr Wade is an aesthetic doctor with practices in both Cape Town and Somerset West. He is able to offer discreet high quality aesthetics procedures like Botox and Fillers to Cape Town clients who really want a top quality experience at a price that is competitive. Botox Cape Town treatments are safe and professional.

Dr Wade has extensive experience and uses the latest technology to ensure that all of his Cape Town clients look their best when completing a Botox or injectable treatment. Dr Wade enjoys keeping his clientele updated with the latest trends and developments within the world of aesthetic medicine. This article deals with Botox and how it can be of use to improve the look and feel of skin.

Botox Cape Town - For Botox in Cape Town

Botox Cape Town – Dr Wade

Botox is a highly purified toxin produced by a particular strain of bacteria. Botox has a number of medical applications, including the treatment of facial spasms, migraines, squints, neck spasms, and spastic muscles in cerebral palsy children. Dr Wade aims to give his Cape Town clients the best service possible.

Botox Cape Town – Wrinkle Reduction.

In aesthetic medicine, Botox has found application in the treatment of facial wrinkles (mimetic or hyperkinetic lines) which are due to the underlying muscles of facial expression acting on the overlying skin to create a wrinkle. Botox can easily treat the lines and wrinkles between the eyebrows (glabellar frown lines), at the sides of the eyes (crow’s feet), and across the forehead. Cape Town clients often describe the “11’s”  – these are the frown wrinkles that in some people form an “11” pattern.

Botox Cape Town

Frown Before and After: Botox Cape Town | Dr Wade

Small amounts of Botox are injected into the offending muscles, causing temporary weakness of the muscle, and flattening of the overlying wrinkle. The onset of action of Botox takes 3-7 days, and lasts for about 4-6 months, at which time the Botox treatment can be repeated. In order to get the best out of Botox, Dr Wade urges his Cape Town clients to follow up before the wrinkles return.

More recently, Botox has been used in order to shape the eyebrows, allowing a slight lift of the outer one third of the eyebrow, without the need for surgery. This is also a temporary phenomenon, lasting some 4-6 months. Botox has also found a role in assisting scar revision surgery, by limiting tension on the wound.

Botox Cape Town

Botox Frown Treatment – Cape Town | Dr Wade

Cape Town doctor, Dr Wade uses cosmetic Botox and most of his cases focus on the upper 1/3 of the face. We typically use 20 units  of Botox per pair of muscles (10 units per muscle) and there are 3 possible muscle groups that are routinely injected:

  1. Frown lines (corrigator muscle and occasionally procerus muscle).
  2. Transverse forehead lines (Frontalis muscle).
  3. Crow’s feet lines (orbicularis oculi muscle)
Botox Cape Town

Injection Points for Botox Treatment | Cape Town | Dr Wade

The most common site for Botox in Cape Town is the Frown. Each site typically uses 20 units of Botox, so a maximum of 60 units can be used – all 3 areas. That said, the total amount of Botox used these days to ensure natural results is about 4o units. We also occasionally inject small volumes of Botox into other related sites, eg so-called bunny lines (sides of nose), vertical upper lip lines (smoker’s lines), and sub-brow region (for outer eyebrow lift).

Botox is also useful to minimise sweating in the armpits, and is injected in to the armpit skin at a dose of 50 units of Botox per side (100 units total). Botox is very effective to lessen sweating in this region and the effects may last up to 8 months.

If you would like to know more about Botox treatments in Cape Town or would like to schedule a consultation to discuss the various aesthetic treatments we can offer. Please do not hesitate to contact us today!


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