The Basics of Aesthetic Medicine

With so many different treatments and procedures available, Aesthetic Medicine can be quite overwhelming.

One has to take into consideration that we are all different; in age, skin type and tone, facial anatomy, bone structure, genes, skin quality and by the lifestyle that we choose to live. Above all of this, we all have different concerns, likes and dislikes about ourselves. Thus; the same treatment for you might have a very different meaning for someone else.

For example, lip fillers can either be used to restore loss of volume, to enhance thin or thick lips, to correct asymmetry, to treat uneven lip volume or even to fill-in gaps between the lips.

The same with Botulinum Toxin Type A, most well-known for its ability to improve or diminish wrinkles, Botox can also be used to reduce a round face to create a more v-shape appearance (called facial reshaping). We also use Botox to treat excessive sweating, migraines and teeth grinding.

In aesthetic medicine, a one-size-fits-all approach simply doesn’t work.

With all these treatments and procedures available; it’s easy to get overwhelmed. To make it easier to understand, focus on 1-3 key areas that you would like to improve. You don’t need to do all of the treatments offered by an aesthetic doctor and you don’t need to do all of it at once. Just select 1-3 key treatments that would work specifically for you.

1. Dermal Fillers for Anti-Aging purposes:

• Cheek Fillers (to replace loss of volume)
• Lip Fillers (to replace loss of volume)
• Under Eye Fillers (to replace loss of volume)
• Temple Fillers (to create a further lifting effect, when combining it with a Cheek Filler treatment)
• Facial Fillers (to fill-in skin folds and lines across the face)

2. Dermal Fillers for Aesthetic purposes:

• Cheek Fillers (to enhance cheeks or to create a cheek-bone effect)
• Lip Fillers (to enhance lips)
• Temple Fillers (to improve a “peanut shape” appearance)
• Nose reshaping (to reduce the appearance of a nose hump)
• Chin enhancement (to enhance an under developed chin)
• Chin enhancement (to create a more v-shape appearance)

3. Botox Treatments for Aesthetic and/or Anti-Aging purposes:

• Reduce or prevent wrinkles
• Botox Brow-Lift
• Reduce jawline (to create a more v-shape appearance)

4. Thread Lift Procedures for Anti-Aging purposes:

• Jowl Lift
• Cheek Lift
• Neck Lift

5. Current top medical grade anti-aging skincare treatments:

• Skinboosters (2 treatments required)
• Redermalization (3 treatments required)

Dr Wade Merchant is a qualified medical doctor with a special interest in Aesthetic & Anti-Aging medicine. He has 2 branches in the Western Cape, in Green Point (Cape Town) and in Somerset West.

Our Doctors

Dr Wade is a medical doctor with a special interest in aesthetic and anti-ageing medicine, he has been administering and injecting Botox and Dysport for over 5 years at his practices in Green Point & Somerset West. Dr Wade is also qualified with a 2-year Advanced Diploma in Aesthetic Medicine.

De Melinda Dommisse

Dr Melinda Dommisse is a qualified medical doctor who qualified from Stellenbosch University. She moved to London where she did her aesthetic training and worked as a GP with a special interest in aesthetic and anti-aging medicine. Prior to returning to South Africa she worked at 2 well-known clinics in Harley Street, London

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