Liquid Facelift

The liquid facelift is the non-surgical method whereby the face is lifted using a combination of dermal fillers and Botox injections. Facial aging is as a result of numerous factors namely, genetics, sun-exposure, smoking, diet and exercise. All of these factors cause the face to sag – everything “droops”. More often than not if you are concerned about the lines on your face you will look in the mirror and gently pull the skin in the middle of your face upwards – that is what a liquid facelift aims to do. Gently Lift the face – without the risk or downtime of surgery.

liquid facelift

In order to create lift the face must be looked at holistically.

In order to do this your face is thoroughly assessed by your aesthetic doctor. Photos are taken and the problem areas are identified. With this information in mind, your face is cleaned and then marked out with a white eyeliner. Marking the face allows your doctor to identify which areas are deficient in volume. Our faces are never symmetrical (sleeping on a favorite side causes one side to sag more than the other) – marking also helps to clearly show which side has the deeper lines.

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The liquid facelift starts with the dermal filler treatment – 3 points on the cheek are injected – this replaces volume that has been lost and also lifts the skin below the cheek. Together with the lifting effect, it also rejuvenated the eyes. As you are probably aware, the first place we look we when we see a face is the eyes. Friends, family and colleagues usually comment on how happy or well rested you look – this is all because of the filler treatment. This lifting lasts anywhere from a year to 18 months. Hyaluronic Acid – the substance found in fillers – has also been shown to stimulate collagen production. So in the months after the treatment, you will continue to look great.

Secondly a Botox Brow Lift is performed – the frown and the tail of the brow are injected. This relaxes the frown (so you appear happier!) and gently lifts the eyebrows. It is a great treatment that will leave you looking refreshed and energized. At the end of the day the liquid facelift is all about facial rejuvenation and less about looking like you’ve have a facelift (which is probably a good thing!).


The treatment itself is relatively pain-less but if you are at all concerned please ask your doctor for a numbing cream to be applied beforehand – they will happily oblige.

– Dr Wade

Our Doctors

Dr Wade is a medical doctor with a special interest in aesthetic and anti-ageing medicine, he has been administering and injecting Botox and Dysport for over 5 years at his practices in Green Point & Somerset West. Dr Wade is also qualified with a 2-year Advanced Diploma in Aesthetic Medicine.

De Melinda Dommisse

Dr Melinda Dommisse is a qualified medical doctor who qualified from Stellenbosch University. She moved to London where she did her aesthetic training and worked as a GP with a special interest in aesthetic and anti-aging medicine. Prior to returning to South Africa she worked at 2 well-known clinics in Harley Street, London

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