Tear Trough Filler Cape Town Somerset West

One of the most common problems that I am faced with in my practice are lines below patients eyes. Many people present to me saying that they look tired all of the time and that they need Botox for the line just below their eye. Unfortunately, in this case Botox will not work – this is as Botox works only on wrinkles and lines caused by muscular movements – for the eyes it will only work for crows feet (the lines on the outer corner of the eye). Tear Trough Filler Cape Town Somerset West – the aesthetic treatment for lines under the eyes.

Tear Trough Filler Cape Town Somerset West

 Patients are often not aware that it is the Tear Trough deformity that is making them look tired all of the time. Some people can be born with this line (and it deepens with aging) or some people can develop it as a part of the aging process – usually from their late twenties onwards. Sun exposure, poor diet and smoking can all speed up the process of developing this deformity.

The only way to correct this deformity is to use a filler to “fill” the space that has been de-volumised. Before we can talk about the method of filling, we must understand why this line develops.

Our faces look the way they do as a result of three main structures – our bones, our muscles and our fat. Interestingly enough, it is the fat that we as aesthetic doctors are most interested in. In our face there are two levels of fat – the deep fat pads and the superficial (shallow) fat pads. Aging results in loss of fat from the deep fat pads. These pads usually support all of the tissue in our face to make us look the way we look. When we lose the fat, the supporting structure is lost and everything moves downwards with gravity. This downward shift pulls on the ligaments just below the eye and they then pull on the skin – the result is a line just below the eye known as the tear trough deformity.

Tear Trough Filler Cape Town Somerset WestTear Trough Filler Cape Town Somerset West

 In order to fill this area we must use a filler that is very soft and fluid-like. If we use a hard, gel-like filler we will end up with a poor result as the area will swell and it will be over-corrected. It is important for your doctor to have a clear understanding of the chemistry and physics of fillers before injecting this area. There are two methods of injection – either by a needle or by a cannula (a blunt tipped needle). Cannulas have been shown to cause less bruising – so speak to your doctor when deciding on a treatment method (some practices also charge you for the cannula in addition to the filler).

Needles vs Cannulas - Lower risk of bruising.

Needles vs Cannulas – Lower risk of bruising.

If a needle is used, 3 to 5 injections below each eye are performed. If a cannula is used, there is only one needle prick and the filler is injected using a blunt needle passed through the first needle-prick site.


Tear Trough Filler Cape Town Somerset West Tear Trough Filler Cape Town Somerset West

Tear Trough Filler Cape Town Somerset West

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Dr Wade is a medical doctor with a special interest in aesthetic and anti-ageing medicine, he has been administering and injecting Botox and Dysport for over 5 years at his practices in Green Point & Somerset West. Dr Wade is also qualified with a 2-year Advanced Diploma in Aesthetic Medicine.

De Melinda Dommisse

Dr Melinda Dommisse is a qualified medical doctor who qualified from Stellenbosch University. She moved to London where she did her aesthetic training and worked as a GP with a special interest in aesthetic and anti-aging medicine. Prior to returning to South Africa she worked at 2 well-known clinics in Harley Street, London

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