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Welcome to Natural Aesthetics, a premium destination for Personalised Dermal Filler Procedures and non-surgical aesthetics, in Cape Town & Somerset West. Dermal fillers have fast become popular non-surgical options among men and women seeking to counteract ageing signs, enhance their physical appearance, or use these innovative products and solutions as preventative measures against facial and skin ageing.

Meet Our Injectors: The Natural Aesthetics Doctors

Dr. Wade Merchant, Dr. Melinda Dommisse, and Dr. Aimee Gericke, the experienced medical aesthetic practitioners, offering dermal filler treatments and non-surgical aesthetic treatments at Natural Aesthetics.

Dr. Wade Merchant, Dr. Melinda Dommisse, and Dr. Aimee Gericke are medical doctors with a special interest in aesthetic and anti-ageing medicine. Trained to international standards, they offer profound knowledge and remarkable expertise in aesthetic practice. Their years of experience, integration of our refined clinical protocols, and adherence to internationally trusted methodologies have established them as the preferred providers for many patients seeking bespoke, safe, and trusted anti-ageing solutions and non-surgical aesthetic treatments.

Our Values & Approach

With the help of our medical doctors, proficient anti-ageing and aesthetic medicine, we can considerably slow the ageing process, enhance certain facial features, and preserve the youthfulness and vitality of your skin. We pride ourselves on providing personalised, bespoke solutions tailored to the unique needs of each of our patients. Upholding a high standard of ethical advice and quality care is fundamental to our practice. We strive to enrich our patients’ lives by delivering natural-looking and long-lasting results – ensuring patient safety, well-being, and satisfaction are at the heart of all we do.

The Dynamics of Facial Ageing

As the natural ageing process takes its course, we inevitably experience a loss of volume in our facial bone structure and fat pads. This leads to a noticeable degree of hollowing in areas like the mid-face, cheeks, chin, and under-eye hollows. Furthermore, our skin’s capacity to produce vital components such as collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid also diminishes over time. These essential substances play a crucial role in maintaining the skin’s fullness, elasticity, and resilience. As their production slows, this contributes to more visible signs of ageing, such as loose skin and the formation of lines, skin folds, and wrinkles.

Providing Facial Structure

Image showcasing Restylane Lyft product, a syringe of Restylane Lyft Dermal Filler available at Natural Aesthetics in Cape Town.

Explore the benefits of Restylane Lyft, a dermal filler that provides structural support and lifting capacity.

To restore and further prevent the effect of loss of facial bone structure and depletion of fat pads, specially formulated dermal fillers are administered to targeted areas of the face, thus restoring these critical structures. We often use fillers such as Restylane Lyft for this purpose. Lyft is a firm type of filler with a higher hyaluronic acid concentration, ideal for creating definition and projection. It’s FDA-approved for enhancing cheek structure, perfect for adding lift and volume. This targeted application can significantly revitalise facial appearance, instilling a sense of youthful vitality.

Facial Contouring

Product image showcasing Restylane Volyme Packaging and syringe, a dermal filler available at Natural Aesthetics.

Discover Restylane Volyme Dermal Filler at Natural Aesthetics: To Enhance Your Facial Contours Like Jaw Line and Chin.

To enhance facial contours, such as the jawline, chin, or under-eye hollows, or to restore the cheeks’ volume, we utilise tailored dermal fillers like Restylane’s Volyme. This soft, flexible filler with Optimal Balance Technology (OBT™) provides enduring structural support and high lift capacity, perfect for volume enhancement. This approach caters to the natural ageing process, ensuring a refreshed, natural-looking result.

Redefine Your Lines

Discover Restylane Refyne: Natural-Looking Results with Enhanced Flexibility

Discover Restylane Refyne: Natural-Looking Results with Enhanced Flexibility

To address skin concerns like barcode lines, laugh lines and marionette lines, we utilise fillers like Restylane Defyne and Refyne. Defyne, for example, is used for deep laugh lines, leverages XpresHAn Technology™ for seamless tissue integration and natural facial movement, ensuring your unique expressions are preserved.

Elevate Your Beauty

Before and after results following a Restylane Kysse lip filler treatment at Natural Aesthetics in Cape Town.

A captivating transformation showcasing the outstanding results of Restylane Kysse dermal fillers – a testament to the artistry and expertise of our team at Natural Aesthetics in Cape Town. Results by Dr Wade Merchant.

We utilise a range of dermal fillers, each with distinct features, for enhancing facial features such as lips, chin, nose, and cheekbones. Tailored to each patient’s needs, these fillers include for example Restylane Kysse for a lip enhancement, this FDA-approved filler that enhances lip fullness, texture, and colour, while preserving natural-looking expressions thanks to Restylane’s XpresHAn Technology™.

Introducing Sculptra®

Before-and-after picture demonstrating the exceptional results of Sculptra biostimulator injectable treatment in Cape Town, new treatment that works well with Dermal Fillers like Restylane.

The results above illustrate the profound impact of Sculptra®, a unique biostimulator injectable treatment available at Natural Aesthetics in Cape Town. It can work as a stand-alone treatment protocol, or even better, when combined with wrinkle reduction treatments like Botox or Dysport, and dermal fillers such as Restylane.

In addition to Restylane fillers, we also provide Sculptra®, a standout product from Galderma. Unlike common wrinkle reducers like Botox and Dysport, and dermal fillers like Restylane, Sculptra involves injecting poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA) into the skin. This PLLA is gradually absorbed, stimulating collagen production to restore skin structure and replace volume lost to ageing. Sculptra’s slow-releasing PLLA triggers collagen and elastin production, enhancing tissue quality. As a biocompatible, biodegradable product, Sculptra effects can persist over two years.

Personlised Consultations for Tailored Aesthetic Solutions

Given the sophistication of non-surgical aesthetics, consulting with a knowledgeable medical doctor is vital to ensure a tailored approach to your needs. We invite you to consider booking an initial consultation first. This allows us to properly assess your needs, clarify the treatment process, and ensure we deliver the best care and advice. A consultation is a proactive step towards achieving your aesthetic aspirations. Investing in a consultation is a step towards achieving your aesthetic goals effectively and efficiently.

Before and After Results

Our consistent focus on patient satisfaction and safety has resulted in stunning before and after transformations. Our doctors meticulously plan each procedure to ensure optimal results.

Before and after images of a patient undergoing a filler treatment by Dr Melinda Dommisse, showcasing rejuvenated cheek enhancement and softened lines around the lower mouth corners.

This before and after result demonstrates Dr Melinda Dommisse’s ‘lightness of touch’, her refined skills and finesse by utilising the filler to administer a rejuvenated cheek enhancement, addressing the patient’s naso-labial folds and softening the lines around the lower corners of the mouth, delaying formation of marionette lines. Restoring volume loss and rejuvenating the patient’s youthfulness while preserving their natural beauty.


Under eye hollows treated with dermal fillers.

Witness the incredible results achieved by Dr Aimee Gericke at Natural Aesthetics. By using 2ml of dermal filler, she expertly restored volume to the cheeks and under-eye areas. The outcome is a beautifully refined, naturally youthful appearance.

This remarkable transformation showcases Dr Aimee Gericke’s precision and skill in aesthetic treatments. With just 2ml of Restylane dermal filler, she has reversed signs of ageing, replenishing lost volume in the cheeks and under-eye areas.


Stunning results – before and after dermal filler treatment to restore loss of volume and to correct the under eye tear trough deformity.


Under eye hollows restored with the correct placement of dermal fillers.

Lip Fillers results by Dr Aimee Gericke at Natural Aesthetics in Tyger Valley

Before and after Lip Fillers results by Dr Aimee Gericke.

Pricing & Rewards Program

We offer transparent pricing for all our treatments, including for our Restylane filler and Sculptra Biostimulator procedures.

Pricing For Restylane Dermal Filler Procedures:

With the focus on achieving best possible results, executed safely and in a comfortable manner, leveraging the expertise of our doctors and top-tier devices, including access to Restylane’s unique filler range. Our pricing structure is detailed below. To provide even more value to our patients, we offer a tiered pricing structure for those needing 2ml or more in a single treatment session.

  • 1ml of Restylane fillers: R4,000
  • 2ml of Restylane fillers: R7,800
  • 3ml of Restylane fillers: R11,700
  • 4ml of Restylane fillers: R14,000
  • 5ml of Restylane fillers: R16,000
  • 6ml of Restylane fillers: R18,000

The following treatments are priced differently as follows:

  • Lip Enhancement: A lip filler treatment, restoring and adding volume, improving and enhancing the overall projection and appearance of the lips, is priced differently at R4,500 per 1ml of Restylane’s KYSSE filler.
  • Nose Refinement: A nose refinement filler treatment, which involves the use of fillers to refine the contour of the nose, is priced differently at R5,000 per 1ml Restylane® Refyne Filler.

Pricing For Sculptra Biostimulator Procedures

Sculptra is priced at R7,500 per vial or area treated, covering the face, neck, chest, or hands. A minimum of two treatments, 45 days apart, are required. Gradual results will appear about six months after completing a Sculptra course. This treatment can be undertaken up to three times annually or every two years.

Rewards Program

Additionally, we have an exclusive rewards program for our loyal patients. Joining our program allows you to earn loyalty points on all treatments and product purchases.

Our Clinics and Locations

Natural Aesthetics clinics located in Green Point, Tyger Valley, and Somerset West in Cape Town.

Our patients have the convenience of accessing our services across Cape Town, with clinics in Green Point, Tyger Valley, and Somerset West. Each location has been carefully selected to provide a secure and discreet environment, ensuring our patients feel at ease throughout their visit. For additional peace of mind, all our clinics offer ample and easily accessible free parking.

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At Natural Aesthetics, we blend medical expertise with aesthetic innovation to offer a comprehensive range of weight loss, skincare, hair removal, and non-surgical aesthetic treatments. Our qualified team of medical doctors and aesthetic therapists is dedicated to delivering personalised solutions that enhance your natural beauty. Beyond our treatments, we proudly offer an extensive collection of top-tier local and international medical-grade skincare products, available across our established clinics in Green Point, Tyger Valley, and Somerset West, as well as via our popular online store, Skin Spot. Experience the perfect synergy of medical science and holistic beauty at Natural Aesthetics. Join our beauty and skincare community today! 

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