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Natural Aesthetics is an established medical aesthetics practice in Cape Town, with clinics in Green Point, Tyger Valley, and Somerset West. We specialise in non-surgical aesthetics and injectable treatments, including PRP Scalp Injections and treatments for Hair Regeneration, designed to help men and women experiencing hair loss or hair thinning.

Meet Our Injectors: The Natural Aesthetics Doctors


Dr Wade Merchant, Dr Melinda Dommisse, and Dr Aimee Gericke are medical doctors with a special interest in aesthetic and anti-ageing medicine offering expertise and experience in Botox & Dysport Injections at our clinics across Cape Town and in Somerset West.

Our experienced medical aesthetic practitioners, Dr. Wade Merchant, Dr. Melinda Dommisse, and Dr. Aimee Gericke, offer PRP treatments and non-surgical aesthetic treatments at Natural Aesthetics in Cape Town and Somerset West. They are medical doctors with a special interest in aesthetic and anti-ageing medicine. Trained to international standards, they offer profound knowledge and remarkable expertise in aesthetic practice. Their years of experience, integration of our refined clinical protocols, and adherence to internationally trusted methodologies have established them as the preferred providers for many patients seeking bespoke, safe, and trusted anti-ageing solutions and non-surgical aesthetic treatments.

Our Values & Approach

At Natural Aesthetics, we believe in slowing the ageing process, enhancing certain facial features, and preserving the youthfulness and vitality of your skin with the help of our medical doctors and proficient anti-ageing and aesthetic medicine. We pride ourselves on providing personalised, bespoke solutions tailored to the unique needs of each of our patients. Upholding a high standard of ethical advice and quality care is fundamental to our practice. We strive to enrich our patients’ lives by delivering natural-looking and long-lasting results – ensuring patient safety, well-being, and satisfaction are at the heart of all we do.

Consultations for PRP Solutions

Given the sophistication of hair loss, consulting with a knowledgeable medical doctor is vital to ensure a tailored approach to your needs. We invite you to consider booking an initial consultation first. This allows us to properly assess your needs, clarify the treatment process, and ensure we deliver the best care and advice. A consultation is a proactive step towards better educating yourself and understanding how these treatments could work for you as well as rule out any underlying issues or if you should rather consider alternative options. Investing in a consultation is a step towards achieving your aesthetic goals effectively and efficiently.

Before and After Results

We are proud to share the results of our treatments. Our patients have experienced significant improvements in their hair thickness and growth after undergoing PRP treatments.


Results after 3 PRP treatments with Dr Melinda Dommisse.

  • This exceptional treatment effectively revitalizes both the hair and scalp, providing comprehensive care and restoring their optimal condition.
  • Specifically designed to combat hair loss, it goes beyond by potentially rejuvenating damaged hair follicles, resulting in improved hair quality and texture. By restoring healthy hair growth cycles, it promotes the regrowth of strong and lustrous hair.
  • Moreover, this treatment enhances circulation and delivers essential nutrients to the scalp and hair follicles, fostering a nourishing environment for hair health. What sets it apart is its unique dual functionality, offering convenience for both home-use and professional treatment.

Understanding Hair Loss in Men and Women

Hair loss and thinning can be a distressing experience for both men and women. It can be caused by a variety of factors, including genetics, hormonal changes, medical conditions, and ageing. Understanding the underlying causes of hair loss is the first step towards finding a solution.

What is PRP and How Does It Work?

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) is a treatment that uses your own blood to promote hair growth and rejuvenation. The blood is drawn and then processed in a centrifuge to separate the plasma, which is rich in platelets and growth factors. This plasma is then injected into the scalp to stimulate hair growth.

How is the Treatment Performed and How Many Treatments Do I Need?

The treatment is performed by our experienced doctors, who will draw a small amount of blood from your arm. The blood is then processed and the PRP is injected into the areas of the scalp where hair growth is desired. The number of treatments needed varies from person to person, but typically, a series of three treatments is recommended, followed by maintenance treatments every 4-6 months.

Is the Treatment Painful and Does It Offer Guarantees?

The treatment is generally well-tolerated, with most patients experiencing minimal discomfort. While PRP has been shown to be effective in promoting hair growth, results can vary and it does not offer guarantees. It’s important to have realistic expectations and to discuss these with your doctor.

How Do I Know if I am a Good Fit for This Type of Treatment?

PRP is suitable for men and women who are experiencing hair thinning or hair loss. However, it’s important to have a consultation with one of our doctors to determine if this treatment is right for you. Factors such as the cause and extent of your hair loss, your overall health, and your expectations will be considered.

Are There Any Homecare Products or Medications That Go Along with a PRP Treatment Plan?

Your doctor may recommend certain homecareproducts or medications to complement your PRP treatment and enhance the results. This could include topical treatments, supplements, or prescription medications.

Do I Need Maintenance and How Long Before I See Results?

Maintenance treatments are typically recommended every 4-6 months to maintain the results of PRP. Results can vary, but most patients start to see improvement in hair thickness and growth after a few months.

Is There Any Scientific Proof Behind PRP?

PRP has been studied extensively and has been shown to be effective in promoting hair growth in many patients. However, as with any treatment, results can vary and it’s important to have realistic expectations.

Should I Rather Get a Hair Transplant?

While hair transplants can be an effective solution for some people, they are a more invasive procedure and come with their own risks and considerations. PRP is a non-surgical option that can be a good alternative for many patients. It’s important to discuss all your options with your doctor to determine the best treatment plan for you.


  1. Patients will be asked to not wash or touch the scalp for 24 hours post treatment.
  2. The remaining 3ml of serum will be sent home with patients to be applied every 2 days to the treated area following the treatment.
  3. Do not make use of any stimulating hair products for 3 days after the application of the serum.
  4. Only make use of sulphate free shampoos and conditioners.
  • The end product will be the natural regeneration of healthy hair and scalp.

Restoring the body’s natural and healthy hair cycle.

Pricing & Rewards Program

We offer transparent pricing for all our treatments, including for our PRP Treatments. Additionally, we have an exclusive rewards program for our loyal patients. We understand the cost and investment in hair regeneration, the homecare required as well as the maintenance. Joining our program allows you to earn loyalty points on all treatments and product purchases and we extend this to all of our patients to support them throughout their journey.

The cost of PPR Hair Restoration is R4,500 per treatment.

Our Clinics and Locations


Our practices are designed with your comfort in mind, providing a welcoming and relaxing environment for your aesthetic and skincare treatments and PRP treatments. At the same time our clinics were also developed with men in mind, to offer a space that feels like something in between an upmarket aesthetic clinic and a GP’s office.

Our patients have the convenience of accessing our services across Cape Town, with clinics in Green Point, Tyger Valley, and Somerset West. Each location has been carefully selected to provide a secure and discreet environment, ensuring our patients feel at ease throughout their visit. For additional peace of mind, all our clinics offer ample and easily accessible free parking.

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Our Team


At Natural Aesthetics, we blend medical expertise with aesthetic innovation to offer a comprehensive range of weight loss, skincare, hair removal, and non-surgical aesthetic treatments. Our qualified team of medical doctors and aesthetic therapists is dedicated to delivering personalised solutions that enhance your natural beauty. Beyond our treatments, we proudly offer an extensive collection of top-tier local and international medical-grade skincare products, available across our established clinics in Green Point, Tyger Valley, and Somerset West, as well as via our popular online store, Skin Spot. Experience the perfect synergy of medical science and holistic beauty at Natural Aesthetics. Join our beauty and skincare community today! 

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